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Businesses Working Together

Organised crime groups share information with other criminals to maximise their opportunities of successfully committing crime. In order to be more successful in defending themselves against criminal attacks organisations need to be more proactive in helping themselves, and as case studies have identified there is great value in sharing crime data and methodology across sectors to defeat criminals.

To successfully defend an organisation against crime requires;


  • Several organisations to share specific crime data in a manner consistent with the law;

  • An independent centralised legally compliant portal where the data can be stored securely, analysed, and shared with the Police; and

  • Finally it needs to be easily searched by users when it is appropriate to do so in order to prevent further crime.


Any successful prosecution by the Police is based on the gathering of accurate intelligence of known quality which is then used as the basis of an investigation relating to an individual or individuals to determine whether they are guilty of a crime.

To be most effective as a tool for fraud prevention data sharing requires the greatest number of participants operating to a common standard: The larger the number of organisations that join the group and provide data of known quality then the greater the chance that the data that they share will reduce the risks of criminal attacks against everyone in the group.

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Data Sharing Legally


There are very considerable challenges to sharing data legally. GDPR provides for several situations in which personal data can be shared and processed so long as the tenets of the Act are adhered to.


So long as certain safeguards and checks are in place are maintained and the appropriate contracts, agreements and notices are in place, then data relating to crime, or suspected crime, can be pooled, stored, and reviewed in compliance with the data protection legislation and so there is no valid reason why industry should not share this data amongst itself and the Police.

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